Year of the Rooster

  • Year of the Rooster

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  • Deborah Wooden Wooden

    February 2, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    We have just celebrated the Lunar New Year! This dominant Rooster sign is full of fire and transition. I’ve witness very turbulent transition within my family and personally am facing very big changes in the coming months. My intention is to view obstacles as awakening moments to strengthen my practice, reaching deeper into self awareness and relying on the global benefits when dedicating each meditaion experience to loving kindness. Purging non-useful judgements and wrong view will allow the Rooster energy to flow around me and create buoyancy to work with this dynamic and create beneficial outcomes!
    I am very pleased to see the inclusion of full-moon release as new-moon intentions ARE the very root to SUCCESS …

  • Andrea

    February 3, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Hey Deborah – thanks for getting us going here. I really appreciate your voice and feeling your depth of your intention. It is helping me connect with myself and my own heart. One of the intentions I’m working with is to show up more authentically here on Soul Tribe. When Charlie first suggested we have a social media feature here kind of like Facebook, I really drew back. It scared me and I realized that I’m really loaded on the subject. I want to drop those filters and engage more deeply and authentically (which seems to come easily in person). I know that I need this right now. I’m definitely learning. But I do know that I feel safe here, I just need to keep checking in. The Chinese New Year felt like the real start to my year in 2017, I’m grateful for the powerful shift I feel, but also feel like I’m stepping into a lot of unknowns this year. Here’s to strength and gentleness in transition.

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