Balanced Kriya with Meditation for Longevity and Empowerment

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  1. Andrea Bardelmeier

    Directions for logging onto the Video Chat program for Community Tribecasting.

    1. Go to the Tribecast that is chosen for the day. (Today’s is here.)
    2. Click the button in the sidebar to open the chatroom.
    3. Login using ‘Guest’ and type in your name.
    4. Turn on your camera by clicking ‘Start Broadcasting’ in the top left corner (You will need to verify permissions to use the camera so just follow the on-screen prompts).

  2. Andrea Bardelmeier

    Beautiful set! LOVE the music 🙂

  3. Charlie Wedel

    This was great @tara. Probably my favorite one so far! thank you!

  4. Tara

    Yay! I love this venue…filmed in Ojai. <3

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