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    Good Morning! How are all of your daily practices going? 15673027_10154044723806269_2887271542971038750_n
    Yogi B Birthday Sadhana on August 26th in Ojai at Spirit House at 4:15am. (This is a gentle reminder. <3 ) Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.23.49 PM
    Wahe Guru! Hope your practice brings you health, abundance, and happiness! (And just a little bit of magic!) a37ad5b5e05dca5f537c151cec85b745
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    Eclipse Invitation Happy Moonday All, We are in preparation phase for the vast and transformative Eclipse season ahead. One week until our lunar expansion and three weeks from the big solar event. Eclipses are portals. And these portals are created through the dynamic of polarity between the sun and the moon and their relationship to the Earth. This can have a push/pull affect on human body energetics. One of the tools we have is to strengthen our own energy so that we stay calm, centered, and in the flow. A strong boat, if you will. And one of the best ways to empower your hull is to practice yoga to strengthen your heart, auric and magnetic field. So, this week, that is exactly what we are going to do. You can take these techniques with you over the next month to keep you steady and garner the highest benefits of the eclipse season. (And this is my parting gift to you for several weeks~ I will be off grid for a bit after this week.) Love and Blessings. Friday Live Class via Zoom (to register send a donation via paypal to or FREE if you are a Premium Subscriber. (There is a new link~ email me.) HELIOPHONIE-Soho-Frizzell-2
    Yoga on the beach this morning at YOGA by the SEA. We pleasantly suprised about 25 Hatha Yogis with a little full moon magic. 19025074_1860260884227527_4441360507475554069_o
    Remembering the ones who go beyond for all of us. Sat Nam. 9250-Joseph-Campbell-Quote-A-hero-is-someone-who-has-given-his-or-her
    Blessed Wesak, Cosmic Travelers. This moon: Remember, Scorpio has three manifestations: The scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. Choose your medicine wisely.<3 buda foto
    Did you know it was Norman Rockwell's birthday this past week? I found this painting to be incredibly relevant. Happy Friday, Everyone! 16603159_10212199156604183_1630272404490406510_n
    Welcome Everyone! Happy Monday! It is finally cold enough that hot tea all day is a thing again for me. I love yogi tea, my own compilations, and Teecino. Oh! And a good oolong. How about you? 45062-cup-of-tea


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