• Tara 1 year, 6 months ago

    Yoga For This Week~
    Integration:Heaven To Earth
    After a big astrological shift, our systems have much to adjust to. Eclipses are portals through time and space and allow great wonder, realization, and shifts to occur. How well we integrate and recieve those energies is up to us.
    This week, we will re-establish the integrity of our own magnetic field and lasso the heavenly energy of the past couple of weeks and bring it down to earth. Being human is being part of both planes~ divine conduits that root into the physical and reach beyond it into the meta. Your gifts begin as notations and possibility cradled in the unseen. Now, let’s recieve them into the reality. Balanced, expansive, empowered, and WHOLE.

    Ventura County Classes:
    Monday: 10:30am YOGA at Bell Arts Factory
    Tuesday: 12noon Soul Body Ojai
    Wednesday 11am YOGA by the SEA
    Online Classes:
    Friday 8am: LIVE class via Zoom (Free for Premium Subscribers!) Email me at ninsun88@yahoo.com for link.

    And…Saturday thru Monday, Mehtab and I will be anchoring our annual west coast Gong Training here in Ojai. We are pretty full at this point, but I may be able to locate a space for you in the next day or two if the experience is calling. After that, I will open a waitlist.