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    New Tribecast! Treating Pranic Imbalances.

    A rare breath work set I received from my teacher, whom received it from Gurucharan Singh Khalsa via Yogi Bhajan. Pranic Imbalances can happen when shock to the physical or emotional body takes place. It can manifest in many ways, and may be seen clinically as anxiety, depression, and other uncategorical challenges to the mental body. The internal energy may be circulating in an unbalanced manner. This set is designed to remedy these challenges when used as part of a 40 Day regimen. I filmed the steps in 3 minute parts. You may increase to 5. The last two steps, (Kirtan Kriya and Sat Kriya) may be repeated if needed or possible. The deep relaxation may be increased to 30 minutes.
    I found the set to be strengthening to my nervous system, so don’t avoid this breath work just because you feel it doesn’t apply to you. It has other benefits, too! It may help to mediate high stress, for instance.