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Nam Joti Kaur (Felice Austin) is a artist, writer, mother, and spiritual luminary. She teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and has a practice as a hypnotherapist and energy healer. Her healing modalities include Theta Healing, Sat Nam Rasayan, EFT, NLP, art therapy, Therapeutic Imagery, shamanistic healing, sonic alchemy (sound healing) and more. She is the Author of 4 books including Awake As In Ancient Days: The Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga Experience. She teaches kundalini yoga and Christ consciousness in Ojai, online, and at retreats around the world. She also trains healers in Christ-Centered Therapeutic Imagery. She likes a good book and long walks on the beach and her favorite fruit is a tie between Mango and Avocado.
About writing this bio she say “who needs a bio when there is google.”


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