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    Sat Nam, this is my favorite poem of the week. I feel like it speaks to so many aspects of the journey. And it makes me laugh.

    Advice From a Caterpillar
    By Amy Gerstler

    Chew your way into a new world.
    Munch leaves. Molt. Rest. Molt
    again. Self-reinvention is everything.
    Spin many nests. Cultivate stinging
    bristles. Don’t get sentimental
    about your discarded skins. Grow
    quickly. Develop a yen for nettles.
    Alternate crumpling and climbing. Rely
    on your antennae. Sequester poisons
    in your body for use at a later date.
    When threatened, emit foul odors
    in self-defense. Behave cryptically
    to confuse predators: change colors, spit,
    or feign death. If all else fails, taste terrible.