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    Sat nam. I love this story a friend shared with me recently. It’s about prayer…

    There’s a sweet story about a devotee of Krishna’s who used to worship and pray in front of a statue every day, waving incense and offering flowers. But whatever she was praying for never materialized, and one day she got fed up. She took Krishna down, put him in the corner and replaced him with a statue of Rama.

    The next day, as she was offering incense to her Rama statue, she noticed smoke drifting towards the corner where she’d stashed Krishna. Furious, she ran to the corner and stuffed the nostrils of the Krishna statue with cotton. “Not one whiff of incense do you get from me!” she cried.

    At that moment, the Krishna statue seemed to come alive. “My dear,” said a voice, “what can I do for you?”

    The woman gaped. “But I’ve been praying to you for years! Why are you granting boons now?”

    There was an invisible chuckle. “When you stuffed cotton in the nose of the statue, that was the first time in all these years that you treated me as real. So of course I had to answer your prayer.”