Yoga for Grounding the Body & Heart

In our modern times with technology, access to excessive amounts of information (even if helpful), and a fast-paced lifestyle, it is easy to become ungrounded. We must intentionally slow down and ground ourselves for balance. This class of Yoga and Chanting for Grounding the Body & Heart is designed for this.

The yoga exercises in this class, focus on the root chakra, as well as the 2nd and 3rd chakras, and support healthy digestion and elimination. After a relaxation, the class concludes by chanting the Guru Ram Das mantra to soothe any feelings of anxiety or distress.

Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination
Music: Guru Ram Dass Chant ~ Miracle of the Heart Prayer~ by Hansu Jot

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  1. Alison Mccabe

    Wonderful Adarsh I had actually been in a conversation about the Full Moon on Wednesday and this Taurus Scorpio axis…I learnt something about the transit from the kriya so that is exciting and quite new. in the global women’s astrology group Wednesday this subject of pushing, trying to find acceptance and belonging was very present in people’s experience…and I love the healing which is finding our own rythm and my inner child enjoyed all the rolling in this one

  2. Alison Mccabe

    Dear Adarsh this morning as we reached the chant Taurus throat opening 2 doves landed in the tree outside my window and have been happily feeding there – these doves birds appear in Johfra’s painting of Taurus led by Eros. Just being re-listening this morning to the chapter in Belonging on Eros and Logos…so many connections


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