Yoga for Addiction

This is a healing compilation for everyone. We all work with the medicine of addiction in the human experience. A combination of the kriya for healing unknown causes of sickness (imbalance) and the famous kundalini yoga meditation for addiction. It is also filmed at the Level 1 Teacher Training Beach Ashram on Silverstrand Beach, Oxnard. Whether you are dissolving a relationship with a challenging experience, or cleansing the body, or asking the Universe to help you let go a little more, this set will take you there. Blessings abound.

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  1. Alison Mccabe

    Wonderful Tara and perfect for beginning the summer detox because its always the addictions for me that get in the way. I found a lot of trauma – shaking and fear in the jaw/teeth and an image came to me of being held as a child by the Great Mother, and then behind her a wise Grandmother and its felt like Venus child, Moon Mother and Saturn Grandmother holding the space for magnificent life force to be sustained. This also follows on perfectly to the close of Eka Mai yesterday… wonderful how it all weaves together

  2. Anne Zahrt

    This was really powerful for me and I could feel the energy re-I tegrating in a balanced way. I have some powerful patterns that are working their way out and being transformed. I had the thought that I will not allow any thing, thought, or pattern to become a “God” in my life.


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