Clear Communication and Radiance

Now that Mercury has moved into Gemini, it is a perfect time to focus on clear communication. As we continue into spring I also felt called to work with our radiant bodies so that we can connect with our inner light and shine it out into the world. Beginning with powerful and strengthening warm-ups (cat/cow, down dog, archer, and frogs) we built energy and radiance within. Then with the Meditation for Clear Communication, we worked directly with the Mercury energy and empower ourselves to be heard as well as listen deeply. Then we worked with the Kriya to Magnify the Radiant Body. In this powerful meditation, we chant the Aad Such Mantra, a code fr unconditional love. With your left hand spread upon your heart center and the right Jupiter finger extended to the Cosmos, you are connecting with the unconditional love that is you and emanating it out into the world. Feel to love, be the love, extend the love.

In the deep relaxation at the end of class, we used a technique that helped us feel the light throughout our body, then radiated it outward, merging with all that is. In each weekly energetic tune-up class, we work with efficient and effective tools and the current universal energy to call in subtle healing on a quantum level. Open yourself up to the idea that you can heal your past, present, and future self.

We also get a hilarious cameo performance form Levi, who totally steals the show ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Stephanie

    Loved the little cat stunts and feel absolutely wonderful and glowy right after finishing this class

    • Susan von Thun

      Absolutely glowy is exactly what we are aiming for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Alison Mccabe

    I felt drawn to this today Susan and perfect timing because in the iChing/Gene Keys the Sun is now transiting Gene Key 23 related very much to communication – the Shadow is complexity, gift simplicity and siddhi quintessence. The cat was very funny. Really enjoyed it and feel clear to start my day. Had some interesting little lights arrive in my aura at the end


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