Celestial Communication for Self-Acceptance ~ ‘I Am What I Am’

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  1. Alison Mccabe

    I found myself saying I am an open book to myself in the gestures. Being an open book means transparency, means accepting all parts of myself I tend to hide thinking others will approve, Im sure I will return to this practice when those times arise in life where I feel the pressure to not be who I am!

  2. Adarsh Kaur

    @alison – thank you for sharing your experience! I love what you write about being an open book to yourself and accepting all parts of yourself. Deeply insightful, and liberating!

  3. QurbanDevi Kaur

    Thank you for sharing this @adarsh. My fingers and lips are tingling! I plan to share this with the children I teach.

  4. johanna cederstam

    Oh Adarsh i havent been on here at all due to a busy life and i just did this meditation and i am so grateful for your medecine. thank you Adarsh! Such a beautful meditation.

    • Adarsh Kaur

      @johannacederstam – oh I am so glad to hear this, and so grateful for you!

  5. Elizabeth Doyle

    Hi! I was missing you Adarsh and our group and needed a small dose and boy this was just right ! this meditation is so sprightly and the song is going in my playlist! It pays to be a soulseeker of good vibes!

    • Adarsh Kaur

      This is great, Elizabeth! I am so happy to hear, and looking forward to seeing you more regularly again soon 🙂

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