A Morning Practice with Tara

I was considering how important it is to have structure in ones own life.  I have often maintained some kind of structure in my life because I have found it to be helpful as a growth tool.  And as a practical one, too.  I haven’t always liked it. In fact, I have a habit of shaking loose the chains that bind, so to speak  And the last few years have been especially challenging as my life has required more and more of it.  Obviously.  Like all Sagittarians, Saturn is sitting squarely in my Sun sign.  For years.  LOOOONG LOOOOOOONG years.  (Can you dig it?)  Saturn the task master.  Structure.  Work.  Discipline.  Timelines.  Karma.  Convention.  Perseverance. Are we having fun yet?

It is good stuff, actually.  A lot of growth happens when we tilt our attention to the grind stone and get down to business.  You know, close out the FB tab and finish the newsletter, for example.  It gives us the strength to stand the test of time and reveal the wise teacher within.  So, over then last couple of years, I have grown to respect Saturn.  And I have learned how to make him happy.  And when Saturn is happy for you, stuff gets done.  So.  I want to share with you a little secret or two I have learned from its visit.  The Joy and Planetary Applause of a Morning Practice.


You may be thinking…oh here we go, she is going to tell me to get up and do my yoga again.  Yes.  And no.


More than that.


Saturn gave me a routine that has created a new pattern of energy in my day to day life.  And that pattern has given me success.  Here is how it goes.  Take it or leave it.  Try it or not.  Better yet, make it your own.


1. Wake Up.

Set a melodious alarm.  Try not to hit snooze.  Get to bed early enough that you actually learn to wake up before it actually goes off.  I set mine to the Jap Ji.  This is a morning chant.  If I don’t get up, it actually is playing loud enough to keep me from sliding back into oblivion.  If I get up before it starts, I give myself extra points.


2. Cold water.

Hit some minor personal hygiene.  If you are especially noble, a cool shower is in order.  If you are me, a cold face wash is a successful morning.


3.I make myself tea.  Usually one of my own blends (attunitywholeness.com).  Sometimes someone else’s.  If it is during the week, I make lunches for my men.On the weekends I will make them breakfast.  I may eat a light snack.  I am not a morning meal kind of person, so this will sustain me for hours.


4.Check emails.  Just to make sure there are no immediate emergencies that must be addressed. If I got up especially early for some reason, I may read a few of my favorite blogs.


5. Write down three things that get to be accomplished that day.  If my schedule has me in clinic, those things are usually things that can be done in short bursts.  or a phone call I can make on my way to work.  You will be surprised how fast these little successes add up!  I feel so amazing when they are complete!


6.Morning Movement and Meditation

This is usually Kundalini Yoga.  Sometimes I hike or dance. Meditation is kind of like personal hygiene.  It really isn’t wise to leave the house without it.   I get this done in the morning because I lose focus the longer I wait.


7.Clinic, teach, film, projects, writing, email and those three little things I wrote down earlier.  I am learning that I may need more accountability around my weekly writing sessions.  Sometimes I allow other “important” things to distract me.  Working on that!


8.  Soften the Structure

When I am complete with the important stuff and begin to lose motivation, I do the fun and mindless activities.  For me, that is the shopping, cooking dinner, hanging out with my family, going to my son’s wrestling and soccer meets, watch movies and hit up social media.  (hugely important one: Do not give up your focused energy early to social media other than to attend to business related pages.  Get in and get out. If you keep logging in, start to notice what is going on with your attention. FB is not real.  It is a just a tool. )


9.  Self-care schedule

For me, this is my yoga and meditation, a hot bath or shower, getting to bed early and having time to read.  I also receive physical self care like massages or acupuncture once a week whether I “need” them or not.  I cleanse seasonally.  I call my girlfriends and check in.


There are of course details I left out and there is flexibility to this schedule.  Overall, though, Saturn is pretty happy with me these days.  I am lucky enough to be the soul creatrix of my life, so understand that what is “work” for me is stuff I love to do.  And the structure keeps me honest about that.  If something isn’t working, I change it.  This allows me to be more available and present exactly where I am.


I hope this helps some of you.  Especially all of the Capricorns who are going to get Saturn next year when I hatch my escape.

I am going to take my mornings with me,though; thus the adage: Saturn always wins.


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