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Soul Tribe is perfect for you if you are looking for seasoned teachers, techniques, and community to assist in the development of your human potential.

Soul Tribe contains the tools of Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Inspirational and Health-Oriented Lectures, and an ever-evolving Community of people wanting to grow and expand in their consciousness and connect with others on a similar journey.



Heal, Nourish, Evolve


Mantra, Music, Movement


Womb-Wise Yoga Nidra


Soul Care & Sacred Space


Emotional Freedom Technique


Yogi, Astrologer, Gongster


Scientist, Communicator, Yogi, Healer


Guided Meditation

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Soul Tribe gives you access to explore the social network features, practice with experienced teachers, and participate in live community classes from any device.

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"I love the peaceful atmosphere and holistic energy of Soul Tribe Online. Wonderful instructors!"

~ Jo

"I am so grateful for the Soul Tribe community and all of the resources it offers. I appreciate how Tara brings each kriya to life with her professional presentation and intuitive commentary. I am glad we can practice ‘together’ even though we are far apart."

~ Cheryl

"I have deepened in my Kundalini practice. The teachers bring a beautiful awareness to the practice; and I, in turn, get to bring that awareness to the inside of me. It's so lovely!"

~ Anna

"Soul Tribe is my online go-to place for Kundalini yoga. The teachers are some of the most experienced and well trained people. Their instructional videos are of the highest quality; the lessons come through in a clear and understandable way. Kundalini has had a huge positive impact on my life for more than five years, and Soul Tribe is part of that process. Sat Nam!"

~ David

"Soul Tribe online has been a wonderful resource. There are always new practices being uploaded that are functional and, with their phenomenal guidance, can be utilized by any stage of practice or health. I’ve very much enjoyed this platform and the classes compared to other larger names that I have used before. I can feel the dedication and care behind the classes and the site!"

~ Chris

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